A Porsche Driver’s Guide To Tire Safety

May 27th, 2021 by

It is National Tire Safety Month. Please review our guide to tire safety below.


3 Routine Tire Tips To Follow

  1. Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure – Tires lose pressure with weather changes, usage and the passage of time. Please routinely check your tire pressure or visit Porsche Fremont Tire Center near Newark for us to check.
  2. Porsche Tire Rotations – By preserving your tire treads, your Porsche vehicle’s stopping distance and performance will not be impacted.
  3. Porsche Tire Balancing – Tire balancing assists your vehicle in running smoothly and preventing additional alignment & suspension issues.

Additional Tire Information

  • Porsche Tire Alignment – If you notice signs, like a pulsing steering wheel, pulling or additional road noise, please schedule a tire alignment with Porsche Fremont Service Center.
  • Choose N-Specific Tires – When it is time for a tire replacement, we recommend always going genuine and Porsche Fremont carries the N-Specific tires your Porsche needs.
  • Know How To Find Tire Size – Learn how to find your Porsche tire size here.