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How Much is Your Car Worth?

Have you been thinking about adding a Porsche to your collection of vehicles in San Jose? Our experts are ready to provide you with a fair value for your trade-in. But, how much is your car worth? We offer an online trade-in tool to ensure you can get a great offer on your vehicle.

Our online trade-in tool can provide you with an estimate of your used car value so you know what to expect when you trade it in for a new or pre-owned vehicle from our inventory. If you're wondering, "How much is my car worth?", utilize the online trade-in tool today from our experts at Porsche Fremont.

Bay Area Free KBB Blue Book Car Value Tool

Do you have a car that’s worth more now than when you purchased it? Maybe it’s time to capitalize on that smart choice. Instead, maybe roll that equity into that new Porsche. But first, let’s explain what Kelly Blue Book is and why you’ll need this free car valuation tool. 

Trade-in valuation provided by Kelley Blue Book is commonly referred to as simply “blue book” trade-in valuation. It’s used by many car dealers because it is free. It ranks cars by four main categories: excellent, good, fair, and poor. 

Let’s say you purchased a Porsche back in 2020 just before the pandemic, and now, demand has outpaced supply for one reason or another. You have positive equity on your vehicle which may offset any interest rate concerns.

This is where Kelly Blue Book (KBB) proves valuable. 

Once you have a general idea of the kind of unused capital you have at your disposal, you can make a more informed choice about which Porsche model you’d prefer on NorCal errands. 

How Much Should You Sell Your Car For in Northern California?

Let’s face it, we have emotional attachments to our vehicle. Porsche-lovers are a unique bunch of sports cars. Some of us name our vehicles, spend hours maintaining its pristine condition. Our vehicle is, in a way, emblematic of freedom. 

When you visit us in Fremont, we’ll have a frank and fair evaluative discussion regarding your vehicle’s blue book value. We’ll account for the vehicle’s condition as well as any upgrades made to the vehicle. If this sounds like you or someone you know, maybe it’s time to capitalize on that hard work. We have Porsche vehicles that are looking for the perfect Porsche-lover to revel in its engineering prowess.

Porsche Fremont will buy your car from you. This allows you to save money on your next Porsche purchase or you can take the offer without buying another vehicle here. We’ll even pick your vehicle up. Whichever you choose, you can learn what to expect when you sell your vehicle to Porsche Fremont.

How To Maximize the Resale Value of your Porsche

Are you searching for your Porsche vehicle's used car value? You'll want to visit our experts at Porsche Fremont. We know the true value of your Porsche, so you can maximize the resale of your Porsche when you sell or trade it in at our dealership. Here are a few key factors we consider during an appraisal inspection:

Service History

Have You Done All Your Required Services?

Your vehicle's service history can provide tremendous insight and information when determining its worth. Services performed by a Porsche-authorized service center and documented services with consistent care are vital when determining the value of your Porsche. This can also positively affect your vehicle's value if you've gotten regular service at a Porsche service center.

Tires, Accessories and Other Add-Ons

Is Your Vehicle a Base Model or Fully Loaded?

As Porsche specialists at Porsche Fremont, we know the true differences between your specialty-built Porsche model. From a Porsche S model to a Porsche Turbo model, we determine your vehicle's value based on its configurations and features, like diamond-stitched Nappa leather. Our in-house luxury market-focused buyers will be able to decode your vehicle's story using the factory production records, internal service histories, and specific and targeted supply and demand trends.

How Much Are Your Custom Wheels & Accessories Worth

Many Porsche owners add specialty wheels, aftermarket body kits, and proprietary performance kits to their vehicles. Mass market car buyers won't account for this when determining your vehicle's value because this doesn't fit within their limited scope funnel. However, Fletcher Jones has over 75 years of luxury market experience, and we know the value and differences between Koni adjustable suspension and Bilstein, Vossen wheels and Kei, Brabus, and Renntech.

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Before we touch on our trade-in process, we want to discuss your used car value and equity. Equity is simply the difference between the amount of money you still owe on your auto loan and your vehicle's value. Positive equity is when you owe less than your vehicle's worth, and negative equity is when you owe more than your vehicle's value.

Whether you decide to trade in your vehicle or simply sell us your car, we can assist you with all of your vehicle needs regardless of the type of equity you have. Here's what the trade-in process is like when you value your trade with Porsche Fremont:

Get Instant Cash Offer

Share a few vehicle details and we’ll provide you with a firm offer in minutes. Offer is good for 7 days.

Schedule Appointment & Get Paid

Bring in your vehicle to the dealership or we’ll come to your home or office! Once we confirm your vehicle’s condition, we’ll transfer the title and finalize your payment.

Buy Online

Ready to get into a new vehicle? Use your trade-in offer and shop online or in-store and browse our extensive selection of New & Pre-Owned Inventory.

How It Works

Fletcher Jones saves you time, while providing you with the highest offer for your vehicle.

Learn more about how easy it is to trade-in or simply sell your car to us at Fletcher Jones.

How to Sell Your Vehicle to Porsche Fremont in the Bay Area

Receive Your Fletcher Jones Instant Cash Offer at Porsche Fremont

What're you waiting for? Value your trade online, and before you visit us in Fremont, we'll provide you with a fair trade-in assessment for your value. Before you know it, you'll be receiving your instant cash offer from our team at Porsche Fremont. If you have any questions about the trade-in experience, you can always get in touch with us online.

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