Why Your Porsche Needs a Multi-Point Inspection

February 19th, 2020 by

Porsche Fremont Repair and Maintenance Service


With such a memorable driving experience, we know you want to ensure that your Porsche is ready for any adventure in the Fremont area. That’s why it’s important that you schedule regular Porsche multi-point inspections. But, what is a multi-point inspection? During a Porsche multi-point inspection, a Porsche certified technician will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to ensure that everything is in working order.

When you get a multi-point inspection in Fremont at our dealership and schedule regular service appointments, you can rest assured that your Porsche won’t let you down in Santa Clara. Learn more about Porsche multi-point inspections today with the service experts at Porsche Fremont!


What Does a Multi-Point Inspection Cover?

Now that we’ve answered, “What is a multi-point inspection?”, you may be wondering about all the components included in a multi-point inspection. But, before we touch on the details of some components covered in a multi-point inspection in Fremont, it’s important to understand that these inspections are not only good for ensuring performance on the Saratoga roads but also to catch any issues early on as well.

When you get a multi-point inspection in Fremont at our dealership, we’ll look for potential issues that could arise in the future and help you address them before they become a headache down the line. When you get a multi-point inspection at our dealership, we’ll look over these items to ensure you can enjoy your Porsche around Milpitas for a long time:

Fluid Checks

  • Engine Oil
  • Windshield Washer
  • Power Steering
  • Transmission (if equipped w/ dipstick)
  • Brake Reservoir
  • Headlamp Washer
  • Coolant Recovery Reservoir

System/Component Checks

  • Operation of the horn, interior lights, exterior lamps, turn signals, hazard, and brake lamps
  • Inspect headlamp alignment
  • Windshield washer spray, wiper operation, and wiper blades
  • Windshield cracks and/or chips
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning check
  • Engine air cleaner filter
  • Oil and/or fluid leaks
  • Constant velocity (CV) drive axle boots (if equipped)
  • Exhaust system (leaks, damage, loose parts)
  • Steering and steering linkages
  • Shocks/struts, air suspension, and other suspension components for leaks and/or damage
  • Brake system (including lines, hoses, and parking brake)
  • Engine cooling system, hoses, and clamps
  • Radiator, heater, and air conditioning hoses for leaks/damage
  • Accessory drive belt(s)
  • Clutch operation (if equipped)


  • Maintaining charge


  • Measure front/rear brake linings


  • Check tread depth
  • Check the tire wear pattern
  • Check for tire damage
  • Check and fill to correct tire pressure

After one of our technicians has completed your multi-point inspection, your service consultant will contact you to go over your vehicle’s report card.

How Long Does a Multi-Point Inspection Take?

Multi-point inspections provide a comprehensive look into your vehicle, but does it take a long time? Times can vary for a multi-point inspection depending on your vehicle and the number of technicians available to perform the inspection. Fortunately, we’ll do our best to ensure that you’re in and out of our service center in a timely manner.

Best of all, we provide plenty of guest amenities for you to utilize. If you have to continue running errands around San Jose, feel free to utilize our pickup and delivery service, and we’ll drop your vehicle back off when the service has been completed.

How Much Does a Multi-Point Inspection Cost?

Depending on your specific Porsche model, the cost for a multi-point inspection can vary. However, we recommended you speak to our service experts for a quote. Don’t forget to explore our service specials before you schedule a multi-point inspection.

Trust Us for Your Porsche Multi-Point Inspection

While you can get a multi-point inspection for your Porsche all over the Alameda area, no other service center will provide the level of service that we offer at Porsche Fremont. When you trust us for your Porsche multi-point inspection, you’ll get to enjoy the following benefits:

Schedule Your Porsche Multi-Point Inspection Today

If you’re looking to enjoy the peace of mind of having your vehicle inspected or are concerned about a potential issue arising with your vehicle when you’re driving around Fremont, you can count on our team at Porsche Fremont to assist. If you’re still wondering, “What is a multi-point inspection?” or if you have other questions for our team, feel free to get in touch with us today.