Why Choose Genuine Porsche Parts & Accessories? 

February 11th, 2021 by

As a driver of a Porsche, you should always choose genuine Porsche parts and accessories over aftermarket products. See why below. 

Genuine vs. Aftermarket  

  1. Genuine Porsche Parts & Accessories – Each part is designed to perfectly fit your Porsche. This means it will work seamlessly with all other components and your Porsche’s performance will remain the same. Plus, they are backed by a two year warranty coverage. 
  2. Aftermarket Parts & Accessories – Yes, they may come at a lower cost; however, you will not receive the same level of precision, quality and performance found with genuine Porsche parts and accessories. Additionally, they are not capable of handling the advanced systems of your Porsche. 
  • Porsche Genuine Part #2
  • Porsche Genuine Part #1
  • Porsche Genuine Part #6

2-Year Warranty Coverage

When you choose genuine Porsche parts and accessories, you choose peace of mind as each part is backed by a 2-year warranty. 

Find Porsche Genuine Parts & Accessories In The Bay Area! 

At Porsche Fremont, we are committed to offering the best ways for Porsche drivers to find what they need, like the option to order online and offering current specials. How can our Team assist you today? Contact us today. 

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