What is the Porsche Sport Chrono Package?

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Porsche Sport Chrono dial in dash of car

If you’re familiar with Porsche, you’ve probably wondered, “What is Porsche Sport Chrono?” Porsche Sport Chrono is one of the most popular upgrades available for new Porsche vehicles — and it’s easy to see why. Its features elevate the baseline power and speed of a model in many exciting ways. Installing this package grants you features like Launch Control and SPORT Response, delivering a ride around Saratoga or Menlo Park that’s truly unforgettable. Learn more about Sport Chrono below!

What Does the Porsche Sport Chrono Package Include?

The Porsche Sport Chrono Package offers the following features:

  • Driver-Selectable Driving Modes: The steering wheel inside a model with Sport Chrono includes a switch that allows the driver to change the performance profile of their vehicle as they cruise through Milpitas. The switch offers four modes: Normal, SPORT, SPORT PLUS, and Individual.
  • Launch Control: Paired with the Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) transmission, Sport Chrono integrates Launch Control, which gives the vehicle a race-start function.
  • Motorsports-Inspired Gear Shifting: Sport Chrono gives the PDK unique and racing-derived gearshifting strategies for the fastest acceleration possible.
  • SPORT Response: New for models like the 718, SPORT Response allows you to press a button in the center of the mode switch. Pressing this button gears the engine and transmission up to release a tremendous amount of power for about 20 seconds, giving you maximum acceleration and responsiveness.
  • Interior Upgrades: Models with the Porsche Sport Chrono Package include a few distinctive features inside the cabin, including a dash-mounted stopwatch and PCM upgrades like a performance display.
  • Dynamic Transmission Mounts: With Sport Chrono, vibrations and oscillations within the drivetrain are minimized, making it possible for the transmission to change gears almost imperceptibly on Los Gatos roads.

Which Porsche Models Offer Sport Chrono?

The Sport Chrono Package isn’t restricted to one or just a few models in the Porsche lineup; all models currently in production can be had with the package:

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