What is Porsche Torque Vectoring?

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Aerial rendering of how Porsche Torque Vectoring works

Porsche sports cars like the 718 have been long been recognized for their achievements in performance. The introduction of Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) feature will only serve to further enhance handling for Los Gatos and Saratoga drivers. Learn more about this latest development in Porsche performance technology with the knowledgeable team at Porsche Fremont.

What Does Porsche Torque Vectoring Do?

There are actually two versions of the Porsche Torque Vectoring feature: PTV, which comes on models with a manual transmission, and PTV Plus, which pairs with PDK. Regardless of which version you have, the PTV system will improve vehicle stability and dynamics.

How Does Porsche Torque Vectoring Work?

Working alongside the rear differential lock, PTV works by intelligently braking the rear wheels as circumstances dictate. In order to allow for tight cornering, this feature will apply moderate brake pressure to the inside rear wheel. In turn, this means a greater amount of drive force is sent to the outside rear wheel. This creates an additional rotational pulse, also known as yaw movement, around the vertical axis of the vehicle. Combined, these actions deliver a direct action from the turn-in point, allowing for superior handling around the streets of San Jose and Los Altos.

PTV vs. PTV Plus

With standard PTV, the rear differential lock is regulated mechanically. PTV Plus, on the other hand, offers fully variable torque distribution thanks to being equipped with electronic control. Joining forces with the Porsche Stability Management (PSM) system, Porsche Torque Vectoring increases stability on slick roads, in snow, and on roads with varying levels of traction.

Which Porsche Models Have PTV?

Menlo Park and Milpitas shoppers will find PTV gives their Porsche an edge in performance and handling with well-balanced load transfer, incredible traction, and precise turn-in. While not found on all Porsche vehicles, it is available on popular sporty models, including:

Experience Porsche Performance Features at Porsche Fremont

Discerning Bay Area shoppers who demand unparalleled performance will be impressed with the specs and features found across the new Porsche lineup. Feel the power of Porsche Torque Vectoring for yourself when you take to the roads around Porsche Fremont for a test drive. Have a question about PTV? Contact us today!

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