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Your Porsche luxury car is a precision machine designed to hold up to pressures that might be encountered on a racetrack, but without regular maintenance, you may start to notice that aspects of its performance no longer satisfy you. Drivers who know how to push their Porsche to its limits may eventually encounter problems with their tire alignment, and we here at Porsche Fremont’s tire center know how frustrating that can be. In what follows, we’ll show you how to identify and solve any tire alignment issues that you might be experiencing.

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Identifying the Problem

It isn’t always easy to notice when your wheels become misaligned, but there are several common indicators that experienced drivers will be able to pinpoint quickly. “Pulling,” where your car tends to drift toward the left or the right when you mean to direct it straight, is one of the first signs that something is off. Likewise, drivers who experience “pulling” may also notice that their steering wheel has become crooked, or sits cocked to one side when you’re proceeding directly forward. The less obvious symptoms of a wheel alignment problem are squealing and uneven tire wear. Any trained Porsche technician would notice these signs during a regular checkup.

Getting It Fixed

Drivers who think that their Porsche might be experiencing a tire alignment problem will want to visit the service center at Porsche Fremont as soon as they can. Here, our trained technicians can set your tires right in no time without compromising other aspects of its performance. Third party mechanics aren’t trained to work with the sensitive equipment with which Porsche vehicles are equipped, whereas each of our service technicians has passed a qualification exam that proves they can measure up to any task.

All of Porsche’s vehicles have been designed to work with specialized equipment, and of course, tires are no exception. All of the parts we offer are Porsche Genuine Parts, and the N-Specific tires we carry at our service center in Fremont were built to make your Porsche the master of the open road.

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Porsche drivers near Fremont and Newark shouldn’t waste time with unqualified mechanics. If you think you might be experiencing a tire alignment problem or simply need your tires inflated, take a look at the services offered by our tire center, and schedule a tire consult with us today!