How Does Porsche InnoDrive Work?

June 20th, 2019 by

Dramatization of prediction horizon of Porsche InnoDrive technology

Porsche InnoDrive works with the advanced Porsche Adaptive Cruise Control system to create a more efficient, safe, and comfortable driving experience from Los Gatos to Milpitas. It first debuted on the Porsche Panamera in 2018, and now it can also be found on models like the 2019 Porsche Cayenne, In short, Porsche InnoDrive helps Fremont drivers enhance their time in the driver’s seat. Learn how with Porsche Fremont!

Porsche InnoDrive Functionality

Through the use of high-resolution navigation data and information collected through your vehicle’s radar and video sensors, Porsche InnoDrive determines topographical road features and speed limits along your Menlo Park route before you reach them. After predicting route features like gradients or corner radius, InnoDrive modifies the speed and gearshift strategy accordingly.

Porsche InnoDrive Benefits

Using the knowledge gained from its prediction horizon of up to 1.8 miles, the Porsche InnoDrive system can:

  • Optimize acceleration and deceleration, as well as maintain speed for a smoother ride
  • Increase fuel efficiency by maximizing vehicle performance
  • Ease the difficulty of navigating Bay Area traffic jams

Traffic Jam Assist

One of the most convenient aspects of Porsche InnoDrive with Porsche Adaptive Cruise Control is Traffic Jam Assist. At speeds of up to 37 mph, this feature tracks other vehicle and roadway signs to makes those long San Jose and Saratoga commutes easier. Feature highlights include:

  • Keeping your vehicle centered in the lane through gentle steering inputs
  • Regulates distance from vehicles behind and in front of you
  • Follows the queue when system limitations allow

This can not only help you make your way through traffic safely, but it can also relieve the stress of being behind the wheel on congested roadways.

Driver Override

It’s important to note that while the Porsche InnoDrive system makes driving easier, it’s subject to system limitations, which means drivers do need to be ready to intervene if needed. And, if you prefer to retain control in a situation, the Porsche InnoDrive system can be overridden by simply activating the brake or accelerator.

Experience Porsche Performance Features at Porsche Fremont

Whether you’re ready to experience the ease and efficiency of Porsche InnoDrive or you just want to learn more about Porsche Adaptive Cruise Control, the associates at Porsche Fremont can walk you through all the performance-enhancing features available for new Porsche models. Set up a test drive today to see these features for yourself, and explore our new vehicle specials for savings opportunities on Porsche models with the features you want!

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