Porsche Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

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Closeup of Porsche Panamera gauge cluster

Is one of your Porsche dashboard symbols illuminated? While some Porsche warning lights can be cause for concern, some are just indicators of normal vehicle functions. Next time you see a light pop up in your vehicle, simply consult Porsche Fremont’s guide to Porsche dashboard symbols to determine whether or not you should seek service. Then, visit our Fremont service center to learn how to reset a Porsche service light.

Common Porsche Dashboard Symbols & Meanings

Emissions Control Warning Light (Check Engine)

Icon: Engine

Meaning: The check engine light can signify an issue with the engine itself, fuel or fuel injection systems, ignition, or exhaust. This system can also be set off from high emissions caused by something simple like a loose gas cap.

Airbag Light

Icon: Person with airbag deployed in front of them

Meaning: There is a malfunction with the airbag, and it may not deploy in the event of an accident on the streets of Menlo Park. Bring your vehicle in for service to protect you and your passengers.

Seat Belt Light

Icon: Person with seat belt

Meaning: The driver or front passenger needs to fasten his or her seat belt.

PSM Light

Icon: Triangle with an exclamation point within a circle

Meaning: The Porsche Stability Management system has been deactivated or failed. Drive carefully, and seek service immediately.

ABS Light

Icon: Circle with “ABS” in the center and one curved line on either side

Meaning: The Anti-Lock Brake System is deactivated. You can slow and stop on Los Altos roads, but the system won’t sense or respond to emergency braking or vehicle instability.

Cruise Control Indicator

Icon: Speedometer with arrow indicator

Meaning: Cruise control is activated and ready to set speed.

Trailer Turn Signal Indicator

Icon: Two arrows pointing left and right with the number 1 in the middle

Meaning: When trailering around San Jose, this indicates your turn has been activated.

Fog Light Indicator

Icon: Green lamp facing left with three horizontal lines and one squiggly vertical line going through them

Meaning: Your front fog lights have been turned on.

Rear Fog Light Indicator

Icon: Yellow lamp facing right with three horizontal lines and one squiggly vertical line going through them

Meaning: Your rear fog lights have been turned on.

Tire Pressure Light

Icon: Flat tire with an exclamation point inside

Meaning: One or more of your tires have insufficient pressure. Pullover and fill to an appropriate level, making sure to check for signs of leaks or damage.

Brake Wear Light

Icon: BRAKE in red letters

Meaning: If a circle with a red exclamation point inside a circle is under the word, pull over immediately, as something is wrong with the braking system. You’ll need to schedule service ASAP. If you see a red circle with the letter “P” in it under the word, it means the parking brake hasn’t been released. Release the parking brake before continuing on your way to Saratoga or wherever you may be headed.

Differential Locking Indicator Light

Icon: Four tires and axles

Meaning: Depending on the vehicle, this can mean your system is locked or open or that there is an issue with the system.

General Warning Light

Icon: Large exclamation point

Meaning: With a general warning light, you’ll want to consult your multi-purpose display for more information.

High Beam Indicator

Icon: Blue left facing lamp with horizontal lines coming out

Meaning: Your high beams are on; be mindful of turning them off for oncoming drivers in Los Gatos.

Porsche Service in the Bay Area

You now know what the Porsche warning lights mean and what services your vehicle may require. To make getting this Porsche service in the Bay Area easier, we offer Service Pick-up and Delivery. You spend your day at the office or taking care of things at home, and we’ll pick up your vehicle, take care of your Porsche warning lights, and return it to you.

Porsche Fremont Can Diagnose Your Porsche Warning Lights

When it comes to Porsche service in the Bay Area, trust the Porsche Fremont service center near Milpitas to handle all your vehicle care, from Porsche warning lights to tire replacements. If you have questions about how to reset a Porsche service light, contact our experienced technicians today. We can help diagnose your vehicle and quickly take care of any issues.

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