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Porsche Boxster Maintenance Schedule

To truly experience the athletic performance offered by the Boxster, you need to keep up with the Porsche Boxster service intervals. Sticking with the recommended Boxster service schedule allows your vehicle to maintain the precise turning required by a luxury sports car. What’s more, regular maintenance helps protect against major issues down the line. Explore the recommended Boxster service schedule with the Porsche mechanics at the Porsche Fremont service center

Porsche Boxster Service Intervals

For the Porsche Boxster, oil changes at every 10,000 miles or 1 year. In addition to an oil change, a comprehensive inspection with the following checks will be performed, with other important service inspections being performed at 40/60/80/120 miles. 

Porsche Boxster Maintenance Schedule & Inspections

During these visits, your Porsche will be inspected to ensure everything is in working order. These inspections include: 

  • Visual inspection of the underside and engine compartment
  • Check coolant hoses
  • Inspect radiators and air intakes
  • Check coolant levels
  • Check and replace pollen filter if needed
  • Visual inspection of fuel lines and connections
  • Check play of parking brake lever
  • Visual inspection of brake hoses and lines
  • Visually inspect axles joints for dust boot damage; check play; check screw connections and tighten as needed
  • Visual inspection of drive shafts for dust boot damage
  • Visual inspection of the exhaust system; check heat shields and mounting
  • Check tire condition and pressure
  • Inspect body drains and firewall for debris
  • Check door, lid locks, and safety hook of the front lid
  • Test vehicle lighting
  • Test horn function
  • Check fluid levels and washer settings for windshield and headlight washer system
  • Inspect wiper blades
  • Check battery condition and charge
  • Check function of electrical equipment, warning lights, and indicators
  • Reset maintenance intervals

Additional Boxster Service Schedules

Along with the services mentioned above, there are a few additional services needed as you reach certain mile markers: 

  • 20,000 miles- Care for convertible top
  • 40,000 miles- Replace spark plugs; drive belt maintenance
  • 60,000 miles- Replace drive belt; change PDK transmission oil
  • 120,000 miles- Check manual transmission oil; check PDK transmission oil

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With Porsche Fremont, you don’t even need to leave your San Leandro or Milpitas home to update your Boxster service schedule thanks to our pick-up and delivery service. Simply schedule your appointment with service pick-up and delivery, and we’ll retrieve your vehicle for its service appointment and return it to your location ready to drive. Contact us today to learn more.

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