February Service Tip of the Month

February 11th, 2016 by

Feb Service Tip

Spring is just around the corner! Make sure you and your Porsche is prepared for the upcoming season change by visiting Porsche Fremont.  As the seasons change, there are certain aspects of the weather that can cause changes to your vehicle, one of them being your pollen filter.


Did you know that all Porsche vehicles have an activated charcoal pollen filter? This pollen filter ensures to prevent any pollen to enter your vehicle’s vents. It helps to protect you from both dust and many types of allergy inducing pollens.  It is highly recommended that you change your pollen filter at least once a year. Any stale orders such as a musky smell from your vent system are signs that your pollen filter should be replaced.


When you visit Porsche Fremont for your routine maintenance, our service technicians conduct a check to ensure the function of a very special sensor that can help prevent fumes to enter your vehicle and that you aren’t inhaling them. To prevent any pollution to enter your vehicle, a sensor is triggered to help seal off the ventilation system when high levels of hazardous exhaust pollutants are detected.  An example of how this sensor functions is when you are stopped at a light and you are behind a vehicle that is letting out hazardous fumes, this sensor detects the pollutants and your vents are adjusted for your safety. Make sure you and your Porsche are prepared for the upcoming season change by visiting Porsche Fremont.

Please visit us here at Porsche Fremont for all your automotive needs. Our highly trained and experienced service technicians can make sure your Porsche looks and handles as it did when you first drove it home.

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