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Protection Plans at Porsche Fremont

When you purchase a Porsche, you’re investing white-knuckle performance, sumptuous comfort, and undeniable prestige. It only makes sense to protect that investment as much as possible — and with our Vehicle Protection Plans, you can add up 100,000 miles of coverage.



Porsche Powertrain

Provides coverage for your vehicle’s major components and protects against major breakdowns.

Porsche Silver

Starts with the benefits of Powertrain Coverage and adds coverage of steering, brakes, air conditioning, front suspension, and electrical systems.


Gold adds additional coverage for the engine and transmission, along with more components related to the brakes, air conditioning, front suspension, and electrical systems.

Gold Plus

Gold Plus coverage further covers additional components of the vehicle’s major systems, while adding coverage to cooling systems as well.


Platinum uses the previous four levels as its foundation and expands coverage to include nearly all assemblies of your Porsche.

Steering gear housing and internal parts including control rings, valves, pinion shaft, pitman shaft, worm shaft and gear, sector shaft, bearings, adjusters; rack and pinion housing and internal parts including control valve, rack bellows, mounts, rack shaft and yoke, spool valve, bearings; power steering pump and internal parts including housing, reservoir, shaft and vanes; power steering pump mounting brackets; seals and gaskets.
Master cylinder; vacuum or hydraulic brake booster assembly; hydraulic lines, hoses and fittings; brake pedal apply pin; seals and gaskets. (ABS COMPONENTS NOT COVERED.)
Air Conditioning
Condensor; compressor; evaporator; orifice/expansion; seals and gaskets.
Front Suspension
Upper and lower control arms, shafts and bushings; struts, housing and cartridge; spindle/steering knuckle and spindle support.
Alternator housing and all internal parts including bearings, bushings, brushes, rectifier bridge, diodes, field coil and rotor; alternator mounting bracket; voltage regulator; starter motor housing and all internal parts including bushings, brushes, field windings, starter drive and solenoid.

Oil pan; valve, timing and side covers; thermostat housing; water pump pulley; engine mounts; harmonic balancer; flex plate/flywheel and ring gear.Transmission
Oil pan; detent cable; kickdown link; TVI/throttle cable; vacuum modulator; transmission mounts.
Drive Axle
Constant velocity joints; slip joint; front wheel drive axles/half-shafts and wheel bearings; u-joints; couplings; flex disc; prop shafts; center support bearings.
Tie rods, idler and pitman arms, center/drag link, coupling and shafts; cooler lines.
Compensator/proportioning valve; metering valve; calipers, piston, seal and dust boot; wheel cylinders, cups, seals, spring and dust boots; backing plate; brake adjusters; brake pedal, pedal lever and pedal pivot; parking brake cable; ABS component parts including control processor/module, pump, dump valve, wheel speed sensors, solenoids, accumulator, and pressure differential switch.
Air Conditioning
Accumulator; receiver drier; automatic temperature control programmer; clutch assembly including coil, disc and pulley; control cables; cutoff switch; serpentine belt tensioner, bearing and pulley.
Front Suspension
Wheel bearings; ball joints and bushings; kingpin and bushings; stabilizer bar, links and bushings; torsion bar, mounts and bushings; track bar, links and bushings.
Front and rear wiper motor, transmission and linkage; power window motor; window regulators; power seat motor; steering column multi-function switch and individual switches for turn signal, headlamp, dimmer, wiper, washer and speed control; mirror motor switch; brake light switch; neutral safety switch; glove box light switch; courtesy light switch; cooling fan relay; air control solenoid; air regulator valve; I.A.C. motor; electronic ignition module; electronic instrument panel module; ignition coil; engine distributor including shaft, gear, bushings and modules; throttle position sensor; vehicle speed sensor; M.A.P. sensor; knock sensor and barometric pressure sensor.

Radiator, mounting brackets and coolant recovery tank; fan clutch, fan blades and motor; fan shroud; heater core; transmission cooler.Fuel
Fuel lines; fuel pressure regulator; level sending unit; fuel injectors and seals; injection pump; ESC systems; fuel injection control components including mixture control processor, throttle body assembly, cutoff valve, fuel rail, fuel distributor, trigger contacts, cold start valve, fuel injection valve, fuel accumulator; tank; tank door latch; tank filler neck and o-ring.
Air Conditioning
Compressor mounting brackets; idler pulley and bearings; air conditioning/heater blower motor.
Steering wheel tilt and telescoping mechanism.
Front Suspension
Coil and leaf springs, seats and bushings, leaf spring shackles; electronic level control components including pump, accumulator, lines and bags.
Rear Suspension
Upper and lower control arms, shafts and bushings; upper and lower ball joints; struts, housing and cartridge; wheel bearings; spindle/steering knuckle and spindle support; coil and leaf springs, seats and bushings, leaf spring shackles; track bars, links and bushings; electronic level control components including pump, accumulator, lines, bags; stabilizer bar, links and bushings.
Cruise control module, servo, cables and switches; instrument cluster including speedometer, odometer, tachometer and all gauges, warning indicators; burglar alarm or electronic entry systems including remote entry receiver, sender and module; door lock actuators; mirror motor; power window switch; power lock switch; rear window defogger; horn and relay; convertible top motor; sunroof motor; power antenna motor; electrical headlamp motor; power trunk/hatch release motor, switch and solenoid; power sliding door motor and switch; electronic control modules including body control module, electronic control unit, powertrain control module, transmission control module; electronic throttle control module; crank angle sensor; camshaft position sensor; throttle position motor; fuel pulse dampener; wide open throttle switch; thermo time switch; fuel pump relay; automatic temperature control sensor; ride height sensor and relay; oxygen (02) sensor; mass air flow sensor; manifold differential pressure sensor; coolant temperature sensor; OEM radio/graphic equalizer/cassette tape player/compact disc player.

Exclusions under Platinum coverage, any of the following parts:Brake linings, brake drums and rotors, disc brake pads, standard transmission clutch components, air bags, solar powered devices, hinges, glass, lenses, sealed beams, body parts and/or panels, trim, moldings, door handles, lock cylinders, tires, wheels, batteries, light bulbs, upholstery, paint, bright metal, freeze plugs, heater and radiator hoses, exhaust system, shock absorbers, audio, security or other systems not factory installed, work such as front-end alignment or wheel balancing, constant velocity joint boots, safety restraint systems, cellular phones, electronic transmitting devices (except for those specifically listed under silver, gold, or gold plus coverage), radar detectors, appliances, near object avoidance systems and all laser radar cruise control components, vinyl and convertible tops.


Red Porsche

Tire Protection

Your Porsche tires don’t just add style to your vehicle. They have a lot riding on them. Our First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plus keeps your tires in top shape and gives you peace of mind.

Our First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plus Covers:

  • Costs associated with replacement of wheels and tires plus labor (includes mounting, balancing, valve system, and taxes), due to a covered road hazard*
  • Towing reimbursement, up to $100, for an incident due to a covered road hazard*
  • Wheel repair for most scrapes, scratches, and other repairable cosmetic damage to an alloy wheel.
  • Covered repairs to original equipment and any replacement wheels or tires purchased during the contract period.
  • Repairs performed at any authorized Porsche dealership or other repair entity.**
  • Rental car reimbursement for up to 2 days, at $50 per day, in the event that a vehicle inspection is required or a covered repair requires shipment of damaged wheels.
  • Tires for the duration of their usable tread life.***
    An unlimited number of incidents for the term of the contract.

Contact Porsche Fremont to learn more about First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plus.


Additional Benefits

Rental Car Coverage
You can be reimbursed up to $35 per day for 10 days.
Towing Coverage
Covers up to $75 in towing charges per covered mechanical breakdown.
Travel Coverage
If your car breaks down when you’re over 100 miles from home, your Protection Plan can cover up to $75 per day — with a maximum of $375 total — for food and lodging.
Fluids Coverage
Necessary fluids, lubricants, and air conditioner gasses will be replaced during any covered repair.
Improved Resale
Protection Plans are fully transferable.
You can include a Protection Plan in the financing for your new Porsche.
Over 5,000 Service Centers
No need to worry if you’re far from home — your Protection Plan will be honored at over 5,000 service centers across the United States.
Service Man


* Covered road hazards are defined as debris on a public roadways such as nails, glass, potholes, rocks, tree limbs or any other object or condition not normally found in the roadway. Road conditions (such as uneven lanes or metal plates) found in construction zones or construction sites are not considered a covered road hazard. Damage or accidents caused by these conditions should be reported to your automobile insurance company. Cosmetic damage limited to factory wheel-brushed or painted surfaces. Deductible may apply for wheel and/or tire replacement. Owner responsible for damages resulting from failure to perform routine maintenance including alignments, rotations, and balancing. Failures from normal wear and tear, improper wear, or dry rot excluded. Repairs require prior authorization.
** Repairs performed at any other entity than an authorized dealership may require payment at the time of repair service by the customer and then submission for reimbursement to the program administrator.
*** Usable tread is defined as 3/32″ or greater.
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