Employee Spotlight: Kyle Plant

April 29th, 2016 by

DSC_0862Here at Porsche Fremont, were strive to nothing less than the best, and none of that would be possible without the strong commitment of our team members. They bring exceptional skills, passion, drive, and, of course, commitment to our world-class guest experience.

This week, we would like you to meet our Service Advisor, Kyle Plant, who has been with us for nearly a year. As a Service Advisor, Kyle greets guests and guides them through the process of their service. He provides assistance to guests by reviewing their service history, advising them on what maintenance their Porsche is due for, addressing any safety concerns, and recommending any additional repairs that may be required.

When asked what he likes best about his position, Kyle explained that he enjoys making the client’s experience unique and outstanding by interacting with guests and getting into the technical aspects of Porsche to make sure they have a thorough understanding. One of the many things that attracted him to become a Porsche Fremont team member is his passion for the brand.

“I decided to act on the opportunity. I’m glad every single day that I took this chance.”

Kyle has quite the outstanding taste in cars, when asked what his favorite Porsche is, he responded, “The 991 GT3 RS! Hands down one of my favorite cars.” Kyle admires Porche’s racing heritage and the design of the vehicles.

“It’s very ‘race based’ you can tell everything is performance inspired as far as the handling and the drivability of the car, yet there’s a lot of ways to customize the vehicle where you can still make it look like and feel like a top of the line luxury car. There are a lot of exterior/interior options and they’re extremely customizable. Porsches look awesome and drive great. It’s just an all-around good package.”

When Kyle isn’t assisting guests in the Service Department, he still manages to surround himself with cars. He enjoys attending various car-meets, including Cars and Coffee events at Santana Row, Cars and Croissants, and has attended a few car shows in San Francisco. Plus, he likes to find time to get to the gym regularly. Overall, Kyle is a true car enthusiast and enjoys admiring all vehicles types whether it is an SUV, truck, sedan, sports car, etc. He just loves them all.

Kyle’s best tip to all of our service guests is to pull into our tile driveway and experience the Fletcher Jones Difference.

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