Employee Spotlight: Cory Burkhart

September 8th, 2016 by

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This week, we would like you to meet our Porsche Trained Technician Cory Burkhart, who has been with Fletcher Jones for 3 months and is loving the experience.
What attracted Cory to work for Fletcher Jones was getting to experience amazing Porsche cars and the many growth opportunities the company has to offer. As a technician, Cory enjoys being able to work on fantastic cars, working in a very clean environment and having great relationships with his co-workers.
Cory is a Bay Area native specifically from Morgan Hill. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time at the track, traveling to new cities, and working on his Ford Mustang. He also loves cooking delicious meals and rocking out by playing the guitar and listening to his favorite genre of music, Metal and Hardcore. Cory has quite the good taste in cars, as his favorite car is the 991 Turbo S.
Cory would like our guest to know that their Porsche is in great hands here at Porsche Fremont, where everyone here is a car enthusiast and has a passion for Porsche cars.

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