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What are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

  • 2022 Porsche Taycan

With leading manufacturers joining in on electric vehicle (EV) production, it’s natural to wonder about the benefits of electric cars. While you may imagine that electric cars and hybrids are drab models designed to simply save fuel, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the Porsche EV lineup includes the stunning Taycan that offers a blistering top 0-60 time of just 2.6 seconds. With that much power on your side, you’ll have a renaissance of automotive enjoyment while you save fuel on the San Jose streets. Whether you’re drawn to the environmental benefits of electric cars or the track-ready specs have caught your eye, you can find the right EV when you shop with Porsche Fremont. Learn more about the benefits of electric vehicles with our team below!

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

If you’re wondering, “Why should I get an electric car?” there are many benefits of electric cars that will likely mesh with your Milpitas lifestyle in a seamless fashion. With the rising popularity of electric vehicles, you’ll never have to settle for anything less than perfection when making the electric switch. So, why buy an electric car? Beyond a stunning selection, other benefits of electric cars include:

  • Zero Emissions: The environmental benefits of electric cars are some of the most compelling reasons to purchase an EV. Since you won’t have an exhaust system, you can feel confident behind the wheel, knowing you’re doing your part to improve local air quality around Hayward.
  • Renewable Energy: While EVs are efficient on their own, they have the potential to draw their power from renewable sources like wind and solar. This means the environmental benefits of electric cars have the potential to be endlessly magnified!
  • Reduced Maintenance: Not only can you skip your morning gas station stop, but owning an EV means no more oil changes or other similar service visits. 
  • Quieter Drive: Another one of the major benefits of electric vehicles that often gets overlooked is noise reduction. Since EVs are nearly silent, you’ll reduce your noise pollution and air pollution all in one! 
  • Performance: If you’ve considered an electric car but are worried about performance, think again! The near-instant torque and incredible output that EVs provide means you’ll leave gas-burning models in the dust. 

What to Do Before Buying an EV

  1. Prepare Your Garage: While charging stations are becoming more common around San Leandro, they aren’t quite ubiquitous just yet. With that in mind, you’ll want to equip your garage with a charging station to ensure you have the power you need to take on your daily drives. You can select between a Level 1 and a Level 2 charging station, which you’ll want to have professionally installed. 
  2. Find Local Charging Stations: Knowing where you can find rapid charging stations is a great way to fuel up fast without missing a beat. Companies like PlugShare or Chargeway can help you plot out local chargers so you can power your EV battery while running errands. 

Learn More About Electric Cars Today in Fremont!

Now that you know why you should buy an electric car, the only thing left to do is visit Porsche Fremont for a test drive! Our team is eager to help you explore the wide range of available Porsche Taycan EV models to guide you to the perfect vehicle. Whether you want industry-leading acceleration or a bit of extra trunk space, there’s a Taycan to match. Get in touch with our team to learn how you can head home to Union City in a stunning Porsche EV!

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